Isometric Launches Groundbreaking Standard for Carbon Removal Credits

Title: Isometric Sets New Standard for Carbon Removal Credits Introduction: NetZeroEarth is excited to highlight the groundbreaking launch of the Isometric Standard by carbon removals startup, Isometric. This London and New York-based company is revolutionizing the carbon offset market by establishing the world's first independent and transparent registry for durable carbon removal credits. The Isometric Standard sets a new benchmark for carbon credits, ensuring rigorous science, transparency, and responsible growth in the emerging carbon dioxide removal (CDR) industry. Isometric's Science Platform and Registry for CDR: Isometric, founded in 2022, aims to scale up the CDR industry by providing the necessary technology and infrastructure. The company's Science Platform allows carbon removal suppliers to host and visualize their data and protocols, fostering alignment with high-quality standards. The Isometric Registry is created to publish verified carbon removal records in collaboration with experts, ensuring transparency and scientific rigor. Isometric believes that the CDR industry has the potential to remove gigatonnes of CO2 each year and aims to facilitate its responsible growth through their scientific platform and registry. The Isometric Standard: Raising the Bar for Carbon Credits: The Isometric Standard represents a new frontier for carbon credits and the Voluntary Carbon Market. It recognizes only carbon credits that can demonstrate the permanent removal of CO2 from the atmosphere, with quantification through long-duration timelines (>1,000 years). The Standard does not include "avoidance" credits or credits generated by projects with temporary CO2 storage risks. Over 150 expert scientists have collaborated on the development of the Standard, ensuring a trusted approach. The transparency and trust instilled by the Isometric Standard are essential in rebuilding confidence in the carbon offset market. Fostering Climate Action with Durable CDR: With its rigorous science and radical transparency, the Isometric Standard offers a unique opportunity for the carbon removal industry to address key issues like greenwashing. It provides guidance and infrastructure for high-quality climate action through durable removal
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